Aerial Work Platform

Aerial Work Platform


Standard Mobile Scissor Lift
JOM-SL-M Series

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Model : JOM-SL-M-0.5-6 AC || JOM-SL-M0.5-7.5 AC || JOM-SL-M-0.5-9 AC || JOM-SL-M-0.5-11 AC || JOM-SL-M-0.5-12 AC || JOM-SL-M-0.5-14 AC || JOM-SL-M-0.3-16 AC

JOIST mobile scissor lift adopts scissor type mechanic structure to bring high stability adter being elevated. Wide operation platform and high loading ability has made wider aloft work arrange and is suitable for simultaneous multi-worker operation.

  • • Load Capacity: 500 kgs
  • • Platform Height: 6 to 16 mtrs
  • • Motor Power: 1.5 kw – 4 kw
  • • Power Voltage: AC380V
  • • Movement Manual
  • • Lifting Battery Operated
  • • Made of high strength and high quality manganese steel, it is durable and durable
  • • Smooth movements, low noise, can work in harsh environments
  • • The hinge points are optimized by computer to make it in the best position
  • • Between the fork between the hinge with oil-free bearings or grease nipples to ensure that the device itself good self lubricating
  • • Scissor-type lifting structure, after lifting a higher stability
  • • Large working platform and high carrying capacity, so that a wider range of high-altitude operations, more efficient, more secure security
  • Steering chassis design coupled with rubber inflatable wheel, easy to move and flexible
  • Power supply voltage selection AC industrial electricity AC380V